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High reliability and energy-saving are two main features of Gamma nitrogen/oxygen generators. The below product technologies are used on Gamma products, the combination of these technologies ensure the reliability and energy-saving performance during long time operation.


High reliability

Molecular sieve anti-pulverization method

For nitrogen generator, adsorption tower is the key part, any problem from this part results in whole plant failure. With more than 14 years development, Gamma understands the critical failure for nitrogen generator is the pulverization of molecular sieve inside the adsorption towers. To prevent this failure, Gamma has developed effective methods.

1 Molecular sieve anti-pulverization method-Compression

As molecular sieve gravity is downwards, while gas flow is upwards, which makes the gas flow blow molecular sieve from opposite direction, making molecular sieve move and resulting in molecular sieve pulverization. This failure is critical, pulverized molecular sieve makes nitrogen purity drop very fast and damage more and more molecular sieve. Finally make whole plant useless.

To avoid this problem, compression device is installed at the top of tower to compress the molecular sieve, avoiding move and/or pulverization.

Technologies 1

Gamma compression method: Elastic coco mat compression

Technologies 2

Compression area: Full area compression

Compression force: Compression force is bigger at first stage, after elastic material deformation, the compression force become slightly smaller.

Dead space: Occupy very little in-tower space, no big dead space. Will not result in bigger compressed air consumption during pressurizing and pressure discharge.

After years comparison, since year 2013, Gamma adapts elastic coco mat compression. With this compression method, together with technologies below, failure of molecular sieve pulverization does not happen on Gamma nitrogen generators.

2 Molecular sieve anti-pulverization method-Gas speed control

Top compression is a passive way to avoid molecular sieve pulverization. From root, avoiding molecular sieve move inside the tower is the key.

Molecular sieve move is caused by too fast gas flow speed. Only when this speed is big to certain data can make molecular sieve move. We call this critical point gas flow speed as molecular sieve [Boiling speed"

After years research, Gamma finds ways to control the two high speed stages (gas in and pressure equalization), ensuring all stages gas speed is lower than the boiling speed(x m/second). With this method, problem of molecular sieve move is solved.

Technologies 3

Energy Saving

For nitrogen generator, during operation, the only consumption is compressed air. So maintaining same nitrogen flow rate and purity, with less compressed air consumption, the whole system consumes less electricity for the air compressor. As nitrogen generator is designed for 24 hours non-stop operation, machines with better energy-saving performance reduces machine lifetime cycle investment.

3 Energy saving -Air flow guidance hole plates

Making most use of compressed air inside the adsorption tower is a good way to achieve energy-saving. Gamma nitrogen generators are equipped with air flow guidance hole plate distributor at both sides of the tower. This well designed gas distributor has multiple layer structure and scientific hole arrangement, it makes compressed air very evenly pass through adsorption tower, greatly reduce dead space and invalid space, remarkable improve molecular sieve utilization ratio and compressed air source utilization ratio.

Technologies 4

4 Energy saving -Big flange structure

Technologies 5

Gamma nitrogen generator adapts big flange structure, which makes the most advanced snow storm molecular sieve filling feasible.

5 Energy saving –Snow storm filling

Technologies 6

Gamma snow storm molecular sieve filling tool is able to automatically control the drop speed of molecular sieve. With two layer structure makes it naturally drop, achieving even molecular sieve stack-up effect. Comparing with traditional filling method, Gamma snow storm filling makes filling density improve by at least 10%, molecular sieve filling density almost reaches is maximum density.

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